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Thank you, Ms. Cyril. You and your family have been a great help to us from the time we were house hunting until we finally moved in. Highly recommended.

Ms. Cyril has given us so much advice not only as a realtor but as a homeowner as well. She’s given us tips that others may not have a knowledge of, like for example, in the built and structure of the house. You would really know and feel it when a person is knowledgeable.

The process was surprisingly smooth and fast. I guess if something is really meant to be, things will just happen and fall into the right place. The buying experience was more like a one-day or a one-week event, starting from the time we viewed the house at noon, placed our bid in the afternoon and got the bid approval in the evening – all in one day. And same thing with the mortgage process, it went smoothly as well, I believe, we got the approval just a day or two after receiving the result of the bidding.

We’re so happy now that we have a home that we can call our own. We know the challenges and difficulty of people coming and settling to a new place, a new country. And this house gives us the security that we have our own place here. She's the best realtor in Winnipeg!
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1739 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G6
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Cyril Rocero - Winnipeg Realtor is a proud real estate agent in Winnipeg, MB. Cyril Rocero - Winnipeg Realtor enjoys selling homes, condos & townhouses, get in touch with Cyril Rocero - Winnipeg Realtor to sell or list your property.

Weather you are buying or selling house, Cyril Rocero - Winnipeg Realtor is the right real estate agent for that. We strongly recommend Cyril Rocero - Winnipeg Realtor for buying, selling & listing townhouses, condos & houses.

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